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Professional Photography Policy

Schedule your appointment via email.

1. Request and fill out a Session Request Form and submit it to at least 7 days in advance.

  • You'll receive a follow-up email usually within 24 hours of receipt.  Note:  If the weather is uncertain the day of your appointment call and we will be happy to reschedule. 

  • Print off this page and read thru the Details of the Policy prior to your visit. 

2. Check-In & Payment of Session Fee the day of Session.

  •  All photographers must check-in at the Farm Market with Staff members and pay fees.

  •  Payment of $25 per family during open hours for a 2-hour session can be made by cash, check or charge.   Fees for outside open hour photo sessions are $50 per family.  Additional time can be purchased in 1-hour increments for $10,

  •  If you will be picking fruit during your session we ask that you pick up a U-pick bag at this time.  This first bag is complimentary and we hope you enjoy your picking/photography experience.

  •  Confirm your approved Session Request Form is on file.

  •  Overhiser Orchards is a working farm and for your own safety, it is important that we know you are present and ask that you follow all safety protocols and follow directions as outlined by our staff to the locations you are permitted to take photos.  Restricted zones can change daily due to hayrides, spraying or harvesting schedules.


Professional Photographer Definition: 

  • Persons being paid in cash or barter for their photos or bringing professional props and/or equipment on site.  They are expected to act as professionals and pay a fee per session and includes photographers for whom photography is not their primary source of income.  Professional photographers must pay for the right to shoot photographs on the property.  No drone or aerial photography is permitted without the expressed permission of management.

2018 Photography Session Policies:

  1. Overhiser Orchards does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any equipment, belongings or personal articles left on the grounds before, during or after your photography session.  Please do not leave your valuables unattended at any time.  You will be responsible for any equipment needs and props(ie. Blankets, baskets, etc.) used in your photo session. 

  2. Climbing of trees or equipment can cause damage and therefore it is not permitted. 

  3. We will not allow fruit picking for the sole purpose of using in your photographs.  You will be provided a free complimentary U-pick bag at the time of check-in and any additional bags can be purchased at this time.

  4. You will not be allowed to set up photo shoots in any high-traffic areas or in the retail farm market but only in designated areas, Upon arrival, please check-in at the Farm Market with staff to secure a map or get directions to the designated locations.  All photography must be “family-friendly” and no suggestive photos are permitted on Overhiser Orchards property.

  5. No unauthorized use of Overhiser Orchards name or logo and no expressed endorsement of any product or service.  Published photographs via social media or websites should credit the location of the photograph (i.e. Overhiser Orchards, South Haven, MI)

  6. All photographers and their clients are expected to be courteous and respectful of Overhiser Orchards property, customers, and activities while on the premises as well as to comply with any and all policies or posted rules.  Overhiser Orchards reserves the right to ask photographers and their clients to move or leave the premises of they are disruptive or non-compliant with our policies.

  7. No pets or food/drink are permitted in the orchards as we are required to adhere to GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) policies.

  8. Your business is important to us.  Thank you for understanding and cooperating with our policies.  We enjoyed working with you!

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