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What We Grow

Sweet Cherries

Our Sweet Cherries are a must have. Come enjoy some of our tree ripened, farm fresh, delicious sweet cherries. 

Season runs from July 1st - July 31st.

Tart Cherries

Our fresh Michigan Tart Cherries, Montmorency & Baleton, are used for pies, canning, eating, and much more. Come enjoy some from July 10th till supplies run out. 


Ever had a Michigan tree ripened peach? Well look no further because Overhiser Orchards has what you are looking for! Come and enjoy our delicious peach varieties by following the harvest schedule below.


Free Stone Varieties

PF 1 ~ July 20

Rising Star ~ July 30

Red Haven ~ Aug 8

Coral Star & Flaming Fury ~ Aug 20

All Star, Loring, and Sun Crest ~ Aug 25 

Clingstone Varieties 

Virgil & Arkansas 9 ~ Aug 10-15

Baby Golds 5 & 7 ~ Aug 30


Try some of our deliciously sweet apricots starting around July 15th until August 10th!


Looking for pears? You've came to the right place! Come enjoy our pear varieties from August 25th till September 10th.


We have plums. Come check out the early fresh eating varieties like Methley and Shiro around July 31st and the later varieties like New York #6, Stanley & Presidents around August 30th - September 15th.


We have tree ripened apples available according to the harvest schedule below.


Apple Varieties & Harvest Schedule

Lodi ~ Early August

Golden Supreme ~ Mid-August

Paula Red ~ Late August

Mollie’s Delicious ~ Late August

Gala ~ Late August

McIntosh ~ Early September

Cortland ~ Early September

Honeycrisp ~ Early September

Jonathan ~ Mid-September

Empire ~ Mid-September

Macoun ~ Mid-September

Mutsu ~ Late September

Jonagold ~ Late September

Red Delicious ~ Late September

Melrose ~ Early October

Ida Red ~ Early October

Yellow Delicious ~ Early October

Stayman Winesap ~ Mid-October

Northern Spy ~ Mid-October

Cameo ~ Mid-October

Red Rome ~ Late October

Fuji ~ Late October



Looking for a pumpkin? We have our own pumpkin patch that you can come pick out of! Also, we pick the pumpkins for your convenience. September 25th - October 31st

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*All harvest dates are subject to change. Call ahead for most current harvest update.
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